Uniea Leather U-Suit Protective Case for MacBook

Uniea Leather U-Suit Protective Case for MacBook
Uniea Corporation

Price: $69.95

There are cases and cases out there vying for your attention. Almost none of them are made specifically for your machine.

Uniea has that problem solved. This new U-Suit is one of the simple products we all look for and wonder why nobody’s come up with yet. “Wish I’d thought of that” crossed my mind when I opened the box to find the two pieces that go into the making of this straightforward, very utilitarian product.

When I took U-Suit’s component sections out of the box and held them, one in each hand, I supposed it would be a cheap cover for my little buddy, my MacBook. I had to think about which way the top went for a second. Ah — when it’s on correctly the entire Apple logo displays centered. The bottom half was a slam dunk because the cutouts on the sides of the case allow access to all the portals: USB, power, Ethernet, headphones, and DVD slot. The manufacturer cut out the back section, perfectly, for thermal exchange, heat sinks and fans, lest your MacBook should overheat because of “case obstruction,” something which can happen with other cases on the market.

The Uniea Leather U-Suit Protective Case has a inner layer of ABS plastic material which, covered by the padded leather on top, can protect your MacBook from scratches or impact from all angles. The U-Suit is available in either white, gray, blue, or red. It is very light in weight and fits snugly against the surface of the computer.

I like the way U-Suit clips onto the computer via little fingers which stick out on either side of the case. The fingers hold firmly and the case will not come off easily without a little, but not a lot, effort to remove it. The case has some flexibility, so removal should not be a problem. Also, when the MacBook is in the closed position the case top and bottom actually contact each other thus closing off dust and grime from the computer. Access to ports, slots, and breathing vents are still open.

The good news is you can see what you’ve got hooked up without having to open anything. The bad news is that these areas are exposed, or unprotected, to whatever may occur while your MacBook is resting. It’s really the old maxim: give a little, get a little. In this U-Suit you get plenty for your buck.

Cleaning the case should be as easy as using a slightly damp cloth to wipe off excess dirt, smudges, or dust. Since the cut-out for the Apple logo leaves the top exposed, common sense tells us to use some caution if you wipe the case while still on the computer. The best thing to do, if it’s really dirty, is to remove the case and clean it, dry it, and replace it. Simple.

Uniea is a company that produces cases, keyboard protectors, screen protectors, and privacy filters. They are in the peripherals business, a tough, flooded market. If they can maintain simplicity along with utility at the right prices they may thrive in the “Peripherals Jungle.”

I wish them well because this U-Suit is a clever and useful product. For everyday use it is better than the high quality moshi Shellcase in my recent MyMac review of that product. While the U-Suit is not as “slick,” or formal as the moshi Shellcase, it has no zippers to contend with, and access to ports is free and clear. U-Suit is top quality, it looks good, and it’s affordable. A great combination. I recommend considering this product the next time you’re out looking for protection for your dear MacBook investment.

MyMac.com Rating: 4 out of 5

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