TruePower AC Laptop Adapter

TruePower AC Laptop Adapter

Price: $36

Road warriors and computer professionals value having multiples of everything, but few people spend the pocket change price of this mighty TruePower cable for PowerBooks and iBooks. It’s a versatile product at a very affordable price. Learn everything about it here.

Remove TruePower from package, connect plug ends to AC power and PowerBook/iBook, then charge or operate your laptop as usual. Function and fit are identical to Apple’s original equipment power units, with three notable exceptions:

• There is no amber/green illumination where TruePower meets laptop chassis
• TruePower is a one-piece unit, that doesn’t split apart into two segments
• Electrical fitting is two-prong only, for maximum ease of use.

Construction is robust, and a movie on FastMac’s web site demonstrates how much abuse the cable and power briquette can withstand.

I use TruePower every day. It resides in the frontmost zippered compartment of my massive Torq computer pack for instant retrieval and storage. My Apple equivalent power unit stays at home, and my FastMac cable goes everywhere with John Nemo, Computer Tutor. rating: 4 out of 5. Price is low, value is high, quality is good.


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