iPod Video Aluminum Hardcase

iPod Video Aluminum Hardcase
Company: RhinkSkin

Price: $34.95


I have never been a fan of hard shell iPod cases until I got my hands on the iPod Video Aluminum Hardcase by RhinoSkin. This has to be one of the nicest iPod cases I have had the opportunity to try.

The case itself has a brushed metal aluminum back and a clear plastic front. The area of the iPod screen is raised a little, making it stand out on the case. I don’t see any protection benefit to this, but it is a nice look. As a matter of fact the entire case looks great, especially when the iPod is inserted. The sides have black rubberized grips to help you hold onto the case. My only complaint about the look of the case is the RhinoSkin logo is plastered under the screen in a white application. This is something that should be on the back of the case, or smaller and out of the way on the front.

Speaking of inserting the iPod. My iPod slipped into the case with a snug, but not too snug, fit. The inside of the aluminum back has a rubberized coating, which keeps the iPod in place. I was easily able to push the iPod out of the case thanks to the curved slot on the back of the case.

As for protection, the RhinoSkin gives coverage to the front, back, and sides of the iPod. The top of the case is open, while the bottom has a nice sized opening at the dock connector. This allows for easy access. The click wheel is also left unprotected. Many cases are now coming with a plastic adhesive cover for the click wheel, and that would have been a nice touch to the RhinoSkin case.

I’ve been using the case for a couple of weeks now and carrying it around in pockets, bags, etc. It seems to hold up great. There are no cracks or scratches anywhere on the case. The front of the case is shatter and heat resistant, according to RhinoSkin.

One of my pet peeves for iPod cases is that it must have a belt clip. This one does. It is one of the universal style clip on clips that attaches to the back of the case.

While this has not worked for other cases I have tried, it works perfectly on the hard shell aluminum back of this case. The case comes with a lanyard also, but I prefer the belt clip.

Another nice touch by RhinoSkin is that the case comes with “Stuffbak Loss Protection Service.” This how the service works. You register your iPod with the protection service, and place the included sticker on your iPod. If you lose the iPod and someone finds it, they are suppose to call the number on the sticker and eventually the iPod gets returned to you. A great idea in principal. I don’t know how many people would return a found iPod.

One thing to keep in mind with this case is that it does add extra weight to your iPod. Of course, every case would, but this is more noticeable with this case. Not a big deal, but something to be aware of.

At $34.95 the RhinoSkin iPod Video Aluminum Hardcase is a great case that is well worth the money. It protects your iPod and makes it look great.

The case is available in a 30gb, and 60gb/80gb size. There is also a Nano model, but I did not have the opportunity to test that. Check out the RhinoSkin website for more details on the nano model.

MyMac.com rating 4.5 out of 5

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