IOGEAR Pocket Card Reader for Micro SD and Trans-Flash Cards

Pocket Card Reader for Micro SD and Trans-Flash Cards
Company: IOGEAR

Price: $14.95

If you’ve ever had the “pleasure” of using the new micro SD cards, then you know just how small these cards are, and also how difficult they can be to handle.

You can buy these micro cards with a regular size SD card “shell” that has a little door on them, that once opened, allows you to stick the micro card inside the larger card, which you can stick in any USB port.
These Micro SD card slots are popping up in all of the latest cell phones and in some cameras, and they have a surprising amount of memory. For instance, the card in the picture was a 1GB card.

Pulling these tiny cards out of a phone is not easy. You really have to use your thumbnail, and hopefully you are not vision impaired in any way.

Sticking these into the regular sized SD card shell is fairly easy, but the problem going that route is you also need a card reader to stick the SD card into so you can access the micro card.

Better idea: The Pocket Card Reader/Writer (PCRW) from IOGEAR.

Once you pull the micro card out of your phone, you open the little door on the PCRW and slide the card into the slot. Then you simply close the door and you can just use the PCRW like any other USB flash drive. The PCRW is USB 2.0 compatible and writing to, as well as reading from, the card is fast and painless. I like this solution better than the SD card to Reader to USB port hassle.

The IOGEAR PCRW is very small and lightweight. It worked flawlessly during my testing, and has a small LED on the top of the body that let’s you know when it’s actively reading or writing. Most other flash drives have a lanyard…except this one. Would be nice to at least have one on the body since the unit is so small. Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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