EZGear EZL and ezView

Company : ezGear

Price: 39.98

I recently had the chance two try out two similar, yet different products by EZGear. One is an iPod stand, and the other is an iPod case that doubles as a stand. I’ll start with the stand.

The EZL is basically an easel for you iPod. It is designed to work with the iPod with Video so that you can rest your iPod on the stand and watch something on the display. It will work will other iPods and devices, as well.

The unit is made of heavy duty plastic, and it has rubberized feet and padding to hold the iPod in place. I was really surprised at how well the padding keeps the iPod from moving on the EZL. It really does a good job.

When closed, the EZL is only about 1/4 of an inch at its thickest points. This makes it great for travel.

I did some traveling this past December, and I would have loved something like the EZL to rest my iPod on while watching videos on the plane. Yes, I said plane. You might think the turbulence of a plane would be too much for the EZL. Well, I did some simulated airplane testing by shaking my desk. The EZL remained standing, and the iPod did not budge.

While, the iPod and EZL passed my test, I did notice that the added weight of an iPod case did make the EZL more sturdy.

At $14.99 the EZL is a little over priced. A price of $9.99 would make this a no brainer. However, it is still a nice product. It is available in pink, black, and white.

MyMac.com rating 4.5 out of 5

If you like the idea of an easel for your iPod, but don’t want another accessory to carry around, the ezGear ezView might be for you. The ezView takes the idea of the EZL and combines it with a black leather case.

The first thing I noticed when I held the ezView was the leather. It is a nice, soft leather iPod case. Definitely, a nice choice in material.

As an iPod case, the ezView has a nice set of features. It has a nice sized opening for connecting a docking cable. There is a soft plastic screen protector built into the case. However, there is no click wheel protection when the case is open. The top of the case allows easy access to the top of the iPod when the cover flap is open. When closed, the only exposed parts of the iPod are the fours corners.

Speaking of the cover flap, this piece becomes the iPod stand. When open, the flap can velcro to what ezGear calls a belt clip (it is more of a belt strap to me), and the case becomes a stand. Another nice feature of the flap is that it has three credit card slots on the side that face the iPod when closed. It also stays closed via a hidden magnet closure.

I tested the 30GB model of the ezView, and my iPod fit REALLY snug in the case. For me, as a person that constantly takes my iPod out of the case, it was too snug. I imagine over time this would loosen up as the leather stretches. If you need to remove your iPod from a case on a regular basis, this may not be for you.

When in the stand position, the case does seem to be sturdy. It did pass my airplane simulation test. The weight of the iPod helps with this, and I imagine the larger iPods would fair even better. However, if you don’t attach the belt clip in just the right position, the back corners of the stand might not touch the surface it is on.

If you are in the market for a new case with a lot of features, the ezView is worth checking out. At $39.99 you are getting a leather case, with a lot of great features. While it has some minor flaws, it is still a good value. It is available in a 30GB and 60B model.

MyMac.com rating 4 out of 5


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