The Perfect Storm

I’m a Mac Fanboy . . . er . . . girl.
No apologies and no surprises here at, but other places it comes as a shock to lots of people how adamant I can be about our favorite platform..

What amazes me is that not more subscribe to the “Truth of Mac.” But I feel our day is coming. I believe that helping that day come will be three assists on the Mac side and one from Microsoft and a fifth from the media.

Storm One: Disaffection with Microsoft will hit a new high.
Microsoft will help us more than many people expect when Leopard comes out and shows up Vista for the Frankenstinian hodge-podge it is. Further disaffection will happen when people find out how Vista phones home and requires “Genuine Microsoft” registration. Once the glorious shout of “It’s Alive!” dies down, people will notice that the staples are showing and the bolt in the neck is an undocumented feature. “Trusted Computing” alone will drive the hackers into a feeding frenzy.

But on the Mac side is where three factors meet to produce The Perfect Storm.

Storm Two: Leopard will show off as plainly superior to Vista.
From the north comes Leopard. This is a significant upgrade and well worth buying. Time Machine and Spaces will be especially big draws.

Storm Three: Adobe Creative Suite Three
From the southwest Adobe will finally release Creative Suite Three. I have Photoshop CS3 Beta and I’m here to tell you that it’s ready. It smokes on my Intel iMac. I can even live with the cockamamie icons. The MINUTE CS3 is released, I’m buying a MacPro and retiring my G5 Power PC hovercraft. Hopefully Leopard will be installed on the MacPro by then.

With Adobe’s purchase of Macromedia, there is no second choice.

I’m not alone. According to every report I’ve heard, there are lots and lots of Creative Types waiting for CS3 to buy their new Macs.

Storm Four: The Intel processor has removed Macs from the Alien List
Then there’s Intel. Old News? Sure! But it’s a significant factor in the minds of people who, for some unknown reason, feel that the chip lends some sort of techie blessing to the Mac.

Storm Five: The News media is watching Mac.
The news media watches PC sales and is happy (with the exception of MSNBC) to report on a major jump in Mac sales. Regular people will see the news items and no longer consider a Mac as being a poor stepchild in the PC pantheon. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The media says Mac sales are booming so Mac sales boom!

OK! The elements are there and each is producing a reasonable storm surge.

Better than a biorhythm chart, you’ll have a quintuple high. iPod and the later iPhone halo effect? Sextuple? Septuple?

Hold on! It’s going to be a great ride.


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