Long day at Macworld Expo, and naughty people

A ton of new products we seen, and I promise to have much more tomorrow. Right now, after a long keynote day, walking around the showroom floor (well, the south side anyway) all I want to do is keep my butt in this seat for a little while, as the dogs are barking fit to burst.

At the moment, Guy Serle and David Weeks are sitting at the same table enjoying a little time with their laptops. Also at our table, sitting directly across from me, is the Maccast voice himself, Adam Christensen editing his own podcast. As tired as these others may be, I think I have them beat.

So the keynote was fun, although IDG’s handling of the media left a lot to be desired. They did not let us into the hall until twenty minutes before Steve Jobs started, but once they did, there was literally a stampede to get to seats. It was horrible, and much of the bad behavior was the fault of the overeager press corp. Shame on them. (For my part, and Nemo who was standing next to me, we were literally crushed forward with the crowd. Not fun.)

Many questions remain about the iPhone. (And how the heck did Apple use that name, anyway?) What happens, for instance, if you don’t pay your phone bill? (Cingular cancels your account.) Can you still use the iPhone as an iPod? Also, did anyone else notice that when the price-points were shown, it said “With a 2 year contract”? What happens if you use Cingular, but don’t want to renew for two years, and keep the “month to month” service you have been using? Can you still then by the iPhone?

Time to relax a little, perhaps get a video shoot done before it is time to eat. More tomorrow, or tonight.


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