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iToppers Mac notebook cover
Company: iToppers

Price: $13.00 to $19.50 (depending on notebook model and color selected)

Recently on the podcast, Tim, Chad, and I had discussed a certain product that can make an ordinary Apple notebook into something more individual. While Apple certainly has intelligent and talented design engineers, their notebook line has changed very little over the last few years as far as the way they look goes. So, if you have a G4 PowerBook or Core2Duo MacBook Pro, unless you look closely you’ll notice very little difference in outward appearance. Same thing for the G3/G4 iBooks and MacBooks. Of course while the MacBooks have a very different keyboard construction from their older iBook brethren and the size has gone from a 12 or 14-inch screen to a single 13.3-inch screen, they all still have the same white polycarbonate (or black if you feel the need to spend an extra $150 for the same machine) outer casing. So, your MacBook looks like his iBook, which looks like her MacBook and on and on. How can you show some individuality when they all look the same without spending a lot of money on getting your computer painted by a pro? Easy solution. Go to iToppers.comand take a look at the covers available for the iBooks and MacBooks.

These are not your typical notebook covers that are for protecting the outer case or for preventing damage to internal components if you do something stupid like drop it. You’re on your own for that. What these are intended to do is to give a little color to your portable. Believe me when I say that with one of these on your notebook, it will add that little spirit of “think different” that isn’t possible with a plain jane Apple consumer portable.

The cover itself fits over the top of your notebook and spreads out about ¾ of it. The various colors offered are attractive (different colors are put up from time to time), but the US Flag one shown on the website is unfortunately not one offered. This is too bad, as it looks great. The glowing Apple logo is uncovered, so your allegiance to all things Mac shines right through. The cover is pressure sensitive vinyl and has an adhesive backing. When you pull it out of the box, the cover itself is sandwiched between two protective backing sheets. Removing one sheet exposes the adhesive side. You don’t remove the front cover backing sheet until the iTopper is placed directly on your notebook. They are well designed and the instructions given offer two different ways to apply the cover. This is where things get a little dicey.

The two ways of application are called the dry method and the wet method. I won’t go into all the details here (the instructions come with the cover and it is also available through the iToppers website), but I would not try the dry method. You essentially have one shot at getting this right and the dry method leaves little room (ok, no room) for error. How can I be so assured of this? Easy, I didn’t follow instructions and I ended up with some creases and air bubbles. If I had read the instructions from start to finish (damn my Blonde native Floridian induced attention deficient disorder) before starting, it would have come out much better. The wet-method is much more forgiving and I highly recommend it. One problem I did encounter was getting the Apple logo positioned just right. The backing for the vinyl side makes it difficult to see through it enough to position it. I would recommend that anyone buying this product get an exacto-knife before removing either backing and carefully cutting out the Apple logo to make it easier to see exactly where you will place it once the adhesive backing sheet is removed.

I have two suggestions for this product to the manufacturer.

1. Pre-cut out the Apple logo. As I said, it will make it much easier to place it for installation.

2. Use removable vinyl. This would make the product a little thicker and probably a little more expensive, but would also make it blonde native Floridian with ADD proof as well. As a bonus, they could be sold in packs so you could easily change them to suit your mood.


Inexpensive way to make your iBook/MacBook more distinctive


Adhesive backing means if you screw it up, you have no real second chance No products currently available for PowerBooks or MacBook Pros

If you have a steady hand, you can have your Apple consumer notebook stand out in the crowd.

4 out of 5

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