MacAlly IP-A411 iPod charger –

MacAlly IP-A411 iPod charger
MacAlly Inc.

Price: US $19.95

When you buy an iPod, you get a wall charger, so you can charge ye olde iPod without hooking up to a computer.

Do you want another wall charger, so you can keep one in two locations?

Mother Apple will charge(r) you $29.99, and then you’ll still have to buy the requisite USB cable, as Apple does not supply a cable with the charger.

MacAlly will sell you their AC wall charger for a mere $19.95. It is virtually identical with the Apple wall charger, except it has a small LCD that glows when the iPod is charging. It is exactly the same size and color as Apple’s.

I’d wager that MacAlly uses the same manufacturer as Apple, and copied the external design and size. Even the electrical prongs look the same, and have the same swing-out hinge.

So save $10, and buy from MacAlly. The only drawback is that not only did MacAlly copy the charger design, they also followed Apple’s lead in not including the USB cable. You’ll have to buy the USB cable to connect the charger to your iPod, unless you want to charge an iPod Shuffle, which needs no cable.


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