The iAtariMac is for sale! IRS looming near!

The iAtariMac is for sale! IRS looming near!

Every once in a while, the IRS comes calling on lowly and broke small business people, demanding money they simply don’t have. That is the case here. You see, the IRS feels that I, and, really should fork over almost $6,000, and while I would love to tell them “No, and don’t bother me again!” I have been told that this is not really a good idea. Boy, if you can’t say no to the IRS, who CAN you say no to?

With luck, I think I have come up with a solution. You see, two years ago, we created a fun video program (four episodes) called “MacMOD.” The program showcased the efforts of Chad Perry (my Podcast co-host) and myself trying, and succeeding, to turn an Atari 2600 into a Macintosh computer. It was fun, got a lot of attention when it was released online, and led to magazine and online articles about the project.

So here I sit, with IRS bill in hand, wondering how in the world I am going to raise the money to pay them off. And then, inspiration! Why not simply sell the Atari Macintosh we built, christened the iAtariMac, to a reader? And more, throw in a perfectly good G3 PowerBook as well. (Lombard 400MHz, works like a charm, but needs a new battery)

This is a one-of-a-kind item. The iAtariMac works perfectly. The buyer will receive the iAtariMac, the PowerBook, and the iAtariMac DVD, but more importantly, help us get out from underneath the IRS’s menacing threats.

If you are interested, please email me at Price: $5,900 cash, money order, Gold Bullion, or PayPal. If you are a Mac fanatic, and want to own a one-of-a-kind machine, then is your chance. I am hoping that someone will come forward, get a very cool computer, and help us out. Serious inquires only, please.

Click here for a small videoon the iAtariMac inside and out.

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