Macspiration 25 – 25 Websites for a Mac User

For this article I’m going to do something a little different. I recently received an email, from a new Mac user, asking about a Mac newsletter. While I don’t have one, there are many websites which one might consider a daily Mac newsletter. I listed a few sites for the emailer to check out, and I thought it might be a good idea to write an article with a list of sites for other Mac users.

Therefore, for this article I am going to make a list of Apple/Mac news sites that you might know about, or your might not know about. I’m not going to stop there. I’m also going to list some rumor sites for the latest Apple/Mac rumors, and some sites for downloading some great Mac software. In total, there will be 25 sites for you to check out, to celebrate Macspiration 25.

If you are reading this article, you are probably aware of, so I am going to leave that off the list. If you found this article through another website, click the logo at the top of this page and check us out. You’ll probably like what you see.

MACNEWS/RUMORS: I decided to lump these together because some of these sites report on only news, some only report rumors, but most do a combination.

Apple: This should be obvious, but I figured I’d list it.
MacMinute: Tim and Chad regularly read the news from this site on the podcast.
The Unofficial Apple Weblog
MacRumors: A great source for the Mac rumors that are out there. This is also, usually, a great place to follow a real-time text update of any keynote Steve Jobs gives.
MacOSXRumors: No to be confused with
Think Secret: Possible one of the better known Mac rumors sites.
iLounge: Formerly iPodLounge, this is a great site for everything iPod.
LoopRumors: Another Mac rumors site.
MacMonkies: This is a crazy site. It has a little news, a little comedy, a little rumors, downloads, and more. Check it out.
MacCentral: A Mac news site sponsored by Macworld Magazine.
MacSurfer: A site of links to many of the stories of various Mac sites around the web.

Downloads: Need some new software? Check out these sites from some freeware (free), shareware (pay), and demos of commercial products.

MacUpdate: My preferred site for downloads.
Versiontracker: If MacUpdate doesn’t have it, I’ll check here. They also list Windows and Palm downloads here.
DashboardWidgets Showcase: Looking for widgets? Check here.
Dashboard Widgets: Apple’s download site for widgets.
Free Mac Fonts: A great place for free fonts for your Mac.
InterfaceLIFT: A great place for free icon downloads.
Mac OSX Downloads: Apple’s download section of their site. From game demos to checkbook software. You can find it here.

Help with your Mac
: Need some help with your Mac before visiting the repair shop?

Apple Support: Apple’s support site. The discussions section is a great place to go start for help.
MacOSXHints: Another great place to find help for your Mac problems.
Accelerate Your Mac: A great place for help with your Mac, especially if you are upgrading. The site has a fantastic database of third party hardware and people’s experiences using it with a Mac.
MacFixIt: Another great site for finding solutions to your Mac problems.

That’s it! A list of 25 Mac related websites for Macspiration 25. If you know about a site that I haven’t listed, post it below.



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