Macally Clear Protective Overlay for the iPod Nano

Item: IP-N801
Company: Macally

Price: $4.99

One of my biggest fears for my iPod is scratching the screen. Next in line would be scratching the body of the iPod. For this reason I keep my iPod in its case 90% of the time. Macally’s Clear Protective Overlay for the iPod Nano (also available for the 5th Gen iPod) is a way to ease my fears of scratching the iPod when it is not in the case.

The Overlay is made of a clear film that covers all 4 sides of the Nano. It does not cover the top or bottom where your ports and hold key are. It attaches to the iPod with an adhesive, which, as advertised, does not leave behind any residue. I lifted the Overlay many times off the Nano while I tried applying it, and it left a nice clean surface.

I just mentioned that I lifted the Overlay many times while applying the overlay. The Overlay is not the easiest thing to line up and apply. It is also very hard to avoid air bubbles while applying the screen. I repeated the application process several times, without being able to get all of the air bubbles out. This could be due to the fact that I was using a newer Nano, which now has a little lip around the edge of the face. This lip might have been causing some of the air bubble issues I was having. Macally’s website has a photo suggesting no air bubbles, but I did not find this to be the case.

When it comes to functionality, the iPod is fully functional with the film on the nano. The click wheel was not affected at all by having the Overlay overtop of it. Also, any air bubbles that might have been on the screen became unnoticeable when the iPod screen was lit.

As for protection, the Overlay works great in protecting the Nano from minor scratches, dust, and fingerprints. I would have no worries about minor scratches with this on my iPod when it is not in a case. It would also ease scratching concerns about putting the iPod in a pocket or backpack. Now, would I take a key to the Nano with the screen on it? No, but I suspect you’d have to scratch pretty hard to do any damage.

At $4.99 this is definitely a great inexpensive option for protecting your Nano (or full size iPod with video) from minor scratches, fingerprints, and dust. rating 4 out of 5

Great price, especially for those on a budget
Protects all four sides of the iPod
No residue when removed
Full click wheel functionality through the film

Air bubbles
Hard to line up onto the iPod when applying


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