The Sound of Snow…

The Happiest people on The planet earth today have got to be the Boston Area TV weathermen. (“weatherpersons” in newspeak)
Today, the area is getting hammered by a freaky huge snowstorm, which is expected to last the entire weekend. Total accumulations could top thiry inches in some areas by the time it all ends late Sunday.

For a change, I am in a good mood. It’s the weekend, and the storm didn’t even begin until late Friday night. So, I had nothing planned, and I’m quite comfortable here in my apartment.

The only people who have to be out are Police and other safety officials. Other people who are required to work are retail employees, and I really feel sorry for them, as Shopping malls are all but deserted today. Management should just close up and let them go home. There surely could not be much profit around today.

Guess all the folks who always whine about “an old fashioned white Christmas” are getting what they want.

Bruce B.

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