MyMac Podcast
# 61

This week, Donny Yankellow joins Tim and Chad for a nice chat. We also have the return of the CONTEST! This week, listen to the show for your chance to win the i-Rock USA’s KR-6810M lighted keyboard.

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This is your chance to win the very cool lighted keyboard that Tim has talked about on the last few podcasts. The i-Rock USA’s KR-6810M is very innovative, and we are giving one of these babies away this week. All submission must be emailed to no later than midnight, January 9th. Check out the picture below!

Donny Yankellow links
Check out his children’s book at, and You will also want to look at his archive here.

News sources:,,, and, and the big discussion on Tim’s Why DVDs Are Starting To Suck blog post.

Kevin Reeves, our theme music genius, has a new tune. Check out Shine here!

HandBreak Lite download link: Link:

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