XtremeMac iPod nano Tuffwrap 3-pack

XtremeMac iPod nano Tuffwrap 3-pack
Company: XtremeMac

Price: $24.95

I have an Apple iPod nano and while I’ve heard all the crying and moaning about screen scratches, it hasn’t affected me. My nano (a white 4GB) came with a protective clear plastic covering and I left it on. This protected the nano’s front from all sorts of bad possibly scratch inducing stuff but it was hardly a permanent solution. I knew it was simply a matter of time before the third party companies making a mint of the popularity of the iPod would come up with a better way. I was not to be disappointed. Do a google-search on “iPod nano covers”, and a plethora of products will soon be on its webby way. The problem with selecting a device like this is that you have no way of knowing if this is the answer you’re looking for. I rarely select covers for electronic gear via the net because I like to look at it first. So it was off to my local Apple Store to see what is available.

There were a few to choose from and I opened the packaging of each to inspect it even with Apple Store employees glowering in the background. The one I finally chose was XtremeMac’s Tuffwrap 3-pack. XtremeMac also has a single case identical to these in white for $19.95. For five bucks more you get three. It was the little touches provided by XtremeMac that decided it for me. Things like the ribbed sides that made it easy to grip and that none of the ports or dials were covered. If you have other accessories for your nano, rest assured that the Tuffwraps would not prevent you from using them. The cover itself is made of silicone, so you can place it on almost any surface and be assured it won’t slip off easily.

The nano slides into the Tuffwrap not without some hard pressure (being silicone, it’s a very tight fit) and once in place will not fall out. There are three screen covers included (one for each Tuffwrap) and you put them in place once the nano has been wrapped. No directions are included to do this and I would be very careful when putting the cover in as one wrong twist could damage the screen. To put the cover in, simply pull back on two sides of the Tuffwrap where the screen is, put one side in place, repeat with the other three sides. If I were XtremeMac, in the next generation of these products, I would already have the cover in place before the nano was inserted. Not that it’s hard to put the cover in, but there are too many McDonalds coffee spillers out there looking for people to blame for their own stupidity.

There are three different three packs to choose from: red/white/black (this is the one I chose), orange/exorcist green/dark grey, and light grey/pink/purple. XtremeMac claims that these combinations are “coordinated” and far be it for me to disagree other than to say that anyone choosing an electronic device with an eye toward coordinating with their outfits based on colors should please consider why they are buying the product in the first place. I put the black cover on (since black seems to be this year’sumblack) because it was the first one that fell out of the box. Well, that and it matches my Monster iCarPlay iPod FM transmitter so well DAHLING.

Three different colors in three different packs for the fashion challenged
Ribbed for her pleasure
Tight fit
Non-skid back
Screen protector

The green really is hideous
Inserting the screen protector wrong could damage your nano

In my opinion, this is the best of most of the nano covers currently available

4 out of 5 stars


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