Taos Vanishes, So What?!

This is what I saw when I walked out to the road this morning: the entire Taos valley was gone, replaced by a vast gray inland sea. Only Llano Quemado’s few adobe hovels and double-wides remain of what used to be a shining jewel of enlightenment, a destination of choice for seekers & rich idiots, an oasis of spirituality and bloodthirstiness … but do you care? Of course not! Should you? Of course not!

Especially since I just looked again, a few hours after I took that picture, and the damned place is back again. The sky is blue, everything is as it was, Texans and Coloradans carefully locking their Lexi & strolling up and down Bent Street with shopping bags in their hands … (I wonder if they know it’s named for a territorial governor who had his head cut off in front of his wife and children by an enraged mob during the last Pueblo revolt?!)

[Something remarkably like this also posted recently at FarrFeed, amazingly.]

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