I bet that angel influenced you to bring the platypuses together. Actually, the bronze one doesn’t really have a platypus ‘feel’ to it. There’s something strange about its hind-quarters. They don’t have distinct haunches like that, just these little web feet that stick out the side. The tail isn’t quite right either. The platypus box is very platypussy though. I LOVE that box. If you were Spanish you’d have to give it to me.

They’re darlings, but very shy – an Australian characteristic you’ve no doubt noticed.

The pattern around the edge does look vaguely Maori-like. Certainly not Australian Aboriginal.

By the way, I’m not sure the Tasmanians would be thrilled that you spoke of Australia AND Tasmania, as if they didn’t belong or something. They feel neglected and forgotten as it is.

You do have a lot of Australian paraphernalia, don’t you John. I’m sure it all means something. I can hardly wait to see what forces are unleashed by the coming together of the two platypuses, even if one is a pretender.

PS I’m not scoffing at your angel. I wish I’d meet an angel.

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