Some new Mac websites debuts!

A couple of new Mac websites have sprung up, one of which has an iPod focus, and the other is full of a bunch of zealots.

The first is iPodhead; a site designed smartly which is full of iPod info. Now that the iPod and iTunes is no longer a Mac-only product, I expect to see many more iPod websites to birth over the next year. I like the design of iPodhead, it feels original and is easy to read. While a new site, they do have a surprisingly decent amount of content already. Go check them out here.

The other new site, MacZealots, is brand spanking new. While the layout may not be as original, I do very much like the design and flow of the site. Started by a group of Purdue University Mac users, the PR proclaims that “Designed to be the most comprehensive informational site for the Mac community ever, offers articles, tutorials, and reviews for everyone from users new to the Mac platform up to enterprise IT managers looking for a thorough analysis of a potential solution.” Lofty goals, sure, and I wish them the best!

Welcome, and, to the wonderful word of publishing!

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