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We have a feature on every MyMac podcast called The Dashboard Minute by Guy Serle. Because of that, you would think that our own site would feature a Dashboard Widget to show the content of our site, no? As it turns out, no. So I sent the following via email to the staff:

Anyone know how to make a widget? Would love to be able to offer one at MyMac. I have no idea, and not enough time to learn. But thought maybe one of you may know and would want to take a crack at it.

I had emailed that on Saturday night, without much hope that anyone would create one. Why? Because creating a widget, I know, is no simple task, and no one has a ton of free time in today’s world. So I was both surprised and impressed when Donny Yankellow wrote back less than two hours later the following:

That’s really weird. I was just thinking this afternoon that MyMac needs a widget. I did read an article that Apple has a widget maker in the works or possibly coming out soon.

I just download a shareware program called Wcode for making widgets. I can figure out the basics of it, but not enough to get it working right. I’ll keep playing tomorrow see what happens.

Donny, it turns out, is smarter than he thinks he is. Not even twelve-hours after his sending that email do I receive a widget from him, complete and ready to go. That’s right, in less than twelve-hours; Donny learns a new program and delivers his first working product. Simply amazing.

So here it is (Download it here). Yes, it is a version 1 widget, and probably needs some tweaking. But really, Donny, who had never created a widget before in his life, created this in less than twelve-hours.

Thank you, Donny! Fantastic job!


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