MyMac is still open this weekend

I will be gone to my daughter-in-law’s graduation, but most everyone here will still be on line from time to time, so MyMac will still be open this weekend. I will probably have something to post here myself on Sunday.

This is a new thing for any Mac web site, being live and on line during a weekend. Its not because the excellent writers here have nothing else to do, — we just like chatting and blogging about the many interesting things that are going on between us and our readers, and we have more time to do it on the weekend.

The interesting thing about the weekend, is that it starts Friday afternoon, early, oh, say about noon. Take a look at any website you visit every day. After noon on Friday, it becomes static. No matter how many times you visit that site until late Sunday night, it is still static. No one is there.

Aren’t you glad you found MyMac? Somebody will dialog with you here if you want to.

MacWorld is coming up and speculations are running amuck, but we are NOT posting rumors here. It will be cool enough when Steve Jobs cranks up the reality distortion field at the keynote, leaving us all in breathless anticipation of our next Mac fix!

Nah, you and I are NOT Mac addicts or anything like so dumb as that. What Apple Computer Corporation does, whenever it does something new, is world-class stuff! Even the jaded media and news people sit up and take notice, because you just know that whatever comes out of those keynotes is going to blow everyone away . . . until the next keynote comes along.

It is an exciting time to be a part of the Mac Continuum. Apple is the one company that decided when things were bad in the community to innovate their way through it all, and they did. They still are, which is why Apple has some awesome things coming down the pike for us. Things that are leading edge, bleeding edge computer and media technology and design.

Have a great weekend. See you here.



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