iPod Adapter Conundrum – A Mild Rant

First, I need to start by saying I love the new iPods (nano and 5g). If anyone wants to give me one, I would gladly take it (the Nano, the full iPod, even both!). However, I do have a pet peeve, and my guess is it is a common one.

I have several accessories for my iPod mini. Two are the Griffin iTrip Mini, and the Airclick Mini (which I just got). I also have the original Apple corded remote (why that was called a remote, I’ll never know). Anyway, if I were to get a new iPod these accessories will not work anymore because the new units no longer have the connector next to the headset. I have a feeling many people are in this same situation.

Yeah, I know- technology changes all of the time, deal with it. However, it is just annoying that I have to buy new accessories to replace what are perfectly good pieces of equipment. Not only that, they aren’t that old. It would be a lot easier to accept buying new equipment for something that is five years old or older. My mini isn’t even two years old.

Not only does it make me want to keep my Mini before buying a new iPod, I would even consider replacing the battery in the Mini instead. OK, the color screen would be cool, but not necessary. It is not like I watch the iPod while I listen to it. The video is a great feature, but my gut tells me to wait because Apple has something bigger and better in the works (my opinion is that the video “feature” is a test for that something).

My only hope is that someone out there is developing an adapter for all of us with these accessories. They would sell like hotcakes, and it would probably help sell the new units. Price it at $25 dollars, and I would be one of the first in line. Griffin, are you reading this? Apple?

That’s it, just had to get that off my chest.

Leave your comments below, and I’ll catch you in my next Macspiration article.


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