iMove Positioning Table for Apple Cinema Display and iMac G5 – Review

iMove Positioning Table for Apple Cinema Display and iMac G5
Company: MaxUpgrades

Price: $89 to $179

G4 “lampshade” iMacs are famous or notorious for their tilt-and-swivel-necks, but G5 iMacs are all tilt and no swivel. Ditto for the sleek new Apple Cinema Displays, sized from 20 to 30 inches. If you want to add some roll to your rock, the curiously-named iMove from will get your iMac or Cinema Display cruising around your desk with unlimited mobility.’s site is getting better every month. The iMove is prominently featured, with detailed product photos and a demo QuickTime movie, in addition to specs and prices.

Engineering and construction of iMove’s plastic and metal components allow you to lift (carefully!) your iMac or Cinema Display for in the groove instant placement. Then you can reposition and/or lock into place the iMove if your unit has the optional locking screws.

My handsome new 20” Cinema Display cruises throughout the terrain of my butcher block surface desk, thanks to the rolling and locking iMove. I suggest all new display and iMac owners consider the purchase of this movable base if their office configuration will benefit from it. If Apple’s retail department is smart, they will buy the entire inventory of iMoves from, to be bundled with the new iMacs and displays.

Oops! Will consumers be able to realize it’s “iMove” and not “iMovie”? Your comments are welcomed below.

This is a classy add-on solution, and it receives our strongest rating: 5 out of 5 rating.

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