NewerTech iBook G3 iBook replacement battery

NewerTech iBook G3 14.8V 4800mAh Clamshell original iBook replacement battery
Company: Other World Computing / NewerTech

Price: $140 US &

Apple’s original clamshell (or “toilet seat”) G3 iBooks are great portable computers. They scream in OS 9 and they work in OS X without any serious difficulties. But their replacement batteries were expensive and not easy to locate. Until now.

Other World Computing (OWC) purchased NewerTechnology (NewerT), and maintains its well-respected brand name for domestic and international sales, says CEO Larry O’Connor. Replacement batteries are big business, as OS X becomes more efficient on older iBooks and PowerBooks.

I use a bondi-colored USB-only iBook for training purposes, and my personal travel laptop is a blueberry iBook with USB + FireWire. The bondi machine had a dead battery, so OWC’s NewerT replacement comes in very handy.

Comparing my original Apple battery to the Newer replacement, they both charge up quickly and discharge slowly, giving 4 – 6 hours of usage away from the power supply. Following the detailed cycle and discharge calibration procedure on OWC’s instruction sheet was not difficult, but required a bit of planning.

Performing an empirical comparison is not practical, but my everyday usage of the NewerT battery confirms that it charges more quickly and discharges more slowly than the Apple original. OWC’s claims for 50 percent greater battery capacity may be a bit exaggerated, but we won’t argue over precise numbers. NewerT fits precisely into its designated slot, and receives high marks for quality of construction.

Larry told David and me, during our private conference at the Macworld Expo, that the 99 percent top charge on my NewerT battery is acceptable so long as the battery works perfectly, which it does. My only suggestion is to give customers the option of ordering a fully-conditioned battery from OWC for a few additional $$$, to avoid the hassle of calibration.

Can I find anything wrong with this battery? No, and I applaud OWC/NewerT for their commitment to legacy laptops. At $140 the Lithium-Ion battery is worth nearly as much as the computer minus battery, but with a working battery an older iBook has value greater than its auction or resale price tag. rating: very strong 4 out of 5

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