USB Wireless Mini Mouse 800

Note from reviewer and publisher to our readers:

This is a corrected review, because the original review, posted two days ago, had incorrect product name, price, and URL. We apologize for the error. The text of the review is essentially unchanged, except for a few clarifications to emphasize that this mini mouse is indeed a wireless model.

Explanation: on the IOGEAR “Peripherals” page, two visually identical mice are presented at the top, and our reviewer clicked on the wrong mouse to grab its URL and price. John “Nemo” promises to be more careful in future reviews. Thanks for reading


USB Wireless Mini Mouse 800
Company: IOGEAR, Inc.

Price: $49.95 US

Specific URL for this product is:

Every IOGEAR mini-mouse has a different feel on the mousepad or tabletop. Remember how I criticized the first one reviewed, months ago? Barbara (my mousing spouse) continues to use it has her only mouse, and good luck if you show up with the intent to remove it from her desk.

USB Wireless Mini Mouse 800 has several attributes that elevate it to prime spot among the three IOGEAR mice we’ve had the opportunity to use for this extended period, but smooth surface action is not one of them. I use this cute, versatile white cordless delight every day on my rounds as an in-home computer tutor. It is my wireless input device of choice because:

• it charges up quickly, and holds its charge for a long time;

• it can plug directly into a standard USB port

• it comes with an extension USB mini-cable to be used when port space is minimal or nonexistent, such as on my Blueberry G3 original clamshell FireWire iBook.

You may need to snoop a bit to buy or order USB Optical Mini Mouse 800, because IOGEAR’s distribution network is still expanding. Last time I called the company I was advised to purchase one from Tiger Direct, so that store may be a good place to begin, if you have any problems ordering from IOGEAR’s new online store.

With the exception of less-than-perfect-but-very-usable-cordless-mini-mousing, I’m an ardent admirer of this final device in our post-Macworld-SF peripherals roundup. rating: very strong 4 out of 5, especially for its unequaled versatility and wireless flexibility.


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