Macworld Boston
Why You Should Be there!

Macworld Boston – Why You Should Be there!

Macworld Conference & Expo – just what does that name mean to you? Does it bring to mind fond memories of meeting new people and watching live product demonstrations in anticipation of winning some coveted new piece of software? Do you think fondly of meeting some person face-to-face whose articles, blogs or forum comments you’ve been reading for years?

If you’ve said no to these questions then you’ve missed attending the only one true Macintosh paradise. Think about it, where else in the real world have you ever been surrounded by the creative genius of thousands of people with the same interests as you? When you think of Macworld Conference & Expo your mind should focus on that magical Macintosh world of sound, sight, color and smells of thousands of people milling about a hall with one common passion.

Okay, I admit it, I’m a Macworld Conference & Expo junkie. I adore being enveloped in everything Macintosh. It’s not about the number of exhibitors or the presentation topics. It’s about the experience of connecting with other Mac users. Since around 1986, I’ve attended every Macworld event in New York and Boston, and three of the last five shows in San Francisco. While strolling the aisles of product over the years, I’ve met the likes of Sinbad, Rick Smolan, Herbie Hancock, Kai Krause, Tom Selleck, Graham Nash, Bert Montroy, and Gregory Hines, not to mention the myriad of Mac book authors. Some of our favorite Macintosh heroes like Adam Engst, Andy Ihnatko, Bob LeVitus, Chris Breen, David Pogue, Ted Landau, Gene Steinberg, and many others are often found walking around the show floor in between conferences and events. At each show I also meet new people from web sites and the user group community engaged in fascinating projects, many of whom are pushing the envelope of Macintosh-based creativity. Whether your interests are in creating music, editing photos, writing, graphic creation, or even number crunching, you will meet someone engaged in a similar activity – I guarantee it.

If you’ve ever participated in passionate discussions on hardware, software, the web and ISPs, then you know the joy of immersing yourself in the Macintosh culture. That’s the REAL joy of attending Macworld, and it’s an experience you really don’t want to miss. At this show you’ll have more opportunities to meet individually with vendors and get to know other Mac users. There will also be MORE user-oriented activities that everyone can participate in at Macworld Boston than at past events.

Come to Boston and experience the wonder for yourself. Make new friends, whether it be 5 or 15, and enjoy history in the making as Macworld returns to it’s east coast roots. Attend the conferences, wander the show floor, and enjoy the events, but don’t forget to say hello to your neighbor; you never know what great enduring relationship may result!

By Ilene Hoffman, Macworld Evangelist Perpetrator of the Hess Memorial Macworld Events List. In her own words; under the auspices of, but not the final word, of Macworld Conference & Expo.


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