iBrotha.com, Writings from The Fevered Brain of Rodney O. Lain, Back Online!

iBrotha.com, Writings from The Fevered Brain of Rodney O. Lain, Back Online!

Minneapolis, MN – June 23, 2004 – Patrick Rhone today announced that iBrotha.com, the website of the late Macintosh Columnist Rodney O. Lain is now back on line after nearly two years. Rodney O. Lain, writer, public speaker, race traitor, Christian iconoclast and unabashed Mac advocate, was known by many in the Mac community as “The iBrotha”. He wrote for various print and online publications including MacAddict, The Mac Observer, AppleLinks, Low End Mac, and more.

Rodney passed away in June of 2002, committing suicide after a long and often hidden struggle with depression. Since that time, iBrotha.com, his website, has been offline and there has been no central archive of his work. Patrick, together with many of Rodney’s friends, found most of the pieces of the iBrotha website and worked with DomainSpa, the current owners of the address, to get the site back online.

“Rodney, besides being one of my best friends, was also one of the few controversial voices in the Mac Community. With articles such as The Mac is the Nigger of the Computer Industry and Why Windows is a Form of Slavery it is not hard to see why” said Patrick Rhone. “It was my hope that his legacy, his writing, would be available once again not only as a tribute to a great journalist and friend but also to keep his spirit of pushing buttons and provoking thought alive.”

“If Forums are a food processor, Rodney threw his top away long before he passed.” said Steve Hokenson, a dear friend of Rodney’s. “He loved mixing it up and getting messy. He’s was a f-cker and I’ll miss him.”

Rodney was a frequent contributor to various Macintosh community forums, and one could argue that his online character came out of these contributions. Though he is eloquent and precise within a discussion’s context, Rodney epitomized the term “flamebait” because he always enjoyed tossing stuff in that would just tick people off. When he hooked a new adversary on his line, he was ready to stir it up. He befriended many of his online foes, and you can find at least one person in the forums he contributed say, in effect, “I had it in with that guy once; he’s a f-cker, and I’ll miss him.”

iBrotha.com is available for traffic immediately at http://www.ibrotha.com.

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