Email “Stamps”?!

Mr. Bill Gates proposes “Stamps” for email.

Mr. Gates believes that since we pay to mail our regular mail, we should pay to email messages. This would serve as a deterrent to spammers because this would be cost prohibitive for them. Does he really believe that dribble? Of course all legal, normal folks would wind up paying.. and as par for the course, the spammers would/will find a way to circumvent the process. So just the normal everyday computer user gets shafted. (Yes, I know that we’re not even talking a penny an email, it’s the principle of the whole idea!!)

He’s not in control of enough things, computer-wise/software-wise, now he’s proposing that email users “pay” for the privilege of sending email.

Let me take a really wild guess who would wind up selling these “stamps”… Maybe a profile of Mr. G looking to his left or right… a wreath of olive leaves about his head as befitting an emperor?

Any other ideas?

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