Macworld San Francisco 2004 Special Report #2

I left you in suspense, not being able to finish part one. Wrote that first segment in Moscone Media Room (#104, under south escalator, if you’re looking for Nemo + Rubin) on an eMac provided by the conference. Wanted to try Panther out on the eMac. It’s okay, but not as swift as I would like. Room for improvement in OS X performance? Yes, indeed. Will compare to mighty Tekserve iBook tomorrow, which boots into OS 9.2.2.

Don’t ask! The reason I prefer OS 9 to X on a 500 MHz / 384 MB iBook G3 is “obvious,” meaning it works in X but is MUCH more zippy in 9, and timing is everything at Macworld for this reporter. Give me dirty looks if you wish, but please first provide an AluBook 15″ G4 with a gig of memory. Onward and upward.

I need to vent on Phoenix airport’s method of handling check in, security, and airplane waiting. I mean it, that large airport was LOADED with people in lines and chairs. Southwest Airlines moves people quickly and efficiently, has low fares and good on-time service, but the experience is a royal pain. If I ran this airline and airport, I’d be disgusted with them, even as they were profitable. Alternative? Pay more, fly America West, leave from Tucson, and avoid all the hassles. Please pass the hat for Nemo in ’05.

I’ll hold my tongue on sitting next to somebody using cell phone in crowded airplane, because I’ll be a similar perpetrator at some time in future. If you’re tempted to use your cell phone next time you’re not yet airborne, please give your seatmates a break, and refrain.

Ilene Hoffman sends all registered Macworld media reps a list of special events, which I read soon after takeoff from PHX, heading via Ontario to OAK. Thanks, Ilene. Ditto for Macworld Expo staff, for supplementary info, all helpful to organize a hectic week.

In WIRED magazine I saw ads in the back for very cheap web hosting, which I’ll need to discuss with my new Webmaster. My existing site, has small but serious hosting and posting problems, to be addressed in a few weeks. Also read in WIRED about something called “waste,” which may be the successor to LimeWire and Kazaa. Can you fill me in, please?

In the air, approaching Ontario, observed Salton Sea to south (left) many miles away. This peculiar body of water (worth learning about) is surrounded by rolling desert and sharp, snow-packed peaks. Had noticed these mountains during Christmas week, on vacation in nearby Palm Springs with Barbara, Kurt, and Sheila (photos to follow, separately, but worth the wait), hiking splendid Palm Canyon south of town.

Two large reservoirs also to the south, before Ontario, one being kidney shaped and the other having a cute little island in the center. Neither of my talkative seatmates knew anything about the reservoir lakes, so I’ll have to explore next time driving from Tucson to Los Angeles, summer 2005. Ontario from above features intense badlands with roads on top of the ridges, adjacent to golf courses and developed suburbs. California is amazing, unpredictable, and gigantic.

I’m going to submit a few captioned photos to illustrate parts one and two of this saga, and our publisher and webmaster will decide where to place them, so “watch this space” for links and info on visual content.

Had delightful late afternoon conversation dinner with young and previously-young Nemo relatives in San Francisco, followed by organization of backpack and press releases prior to BIG DAY Tuesday (tomorrow) at Macworld San Fran Moscone 2004. Cousin Jim to pick me up at 7:15 (ouch), then quick drive downtown and interminable wait in media crush for floodgates to open and mad dash to media seating as close as possible to SUPER STEVE and Macworld KILLER KEYNOTE address at 9:00 Pacific Time. Wish me luck.

In theory I can post live commentary using iBook and AirPort during the presentation, but seats are too close for comfort or mobility. will direct readers to best conventional coverage of keynote, and Nemo + Rubin will provide pithy op ed pieces on our subjective opinions on what REALLY happened in Steve’s keynote address.

Time to submit first batch of JPGs and call it quits for tonight. Until Tuesday afternoon, all my best, and thanks for reading so far.

Thanks, as always, go to for the use of our Macworld Expo iBook! Please visit today!

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