Company: MacMice Workspace Products Co.

Price: $29.99

When Apple released the iSight desktop video camera, I had to have one. Working with iChatAV, the iSight was a perfect way for me to talk face-to-face, or at least via voice, to the other staff members and other friends. As I use a 23” Apple Cinema Display as my monitor, the iSight looked great sitting atop it. But there were two problems. The top of my monitor is over my head, so all video is facing down. The second problem is that the mounting bracket Apple provides with the iSight is horrible, in that the cheap plastic mount actually sticks to the back of my $2,000 monitor. It cannot be removed now.

Enter the SightFlex. It is, by far, the best choice for iSight owners. Made of a heavy metal base (That closely matches the look of the G5 and PowerBook G4) and a flexible steel tube, it not only works great but is also a solution for any Mac user. It works with a iMac, eMac, PowerBook, G4, G5, etc…

The MacMice website states that the SightLFlex was inspired by the good, old-fashioned gooseneck lamp. I can see why, as that was my first thought when I looked at the product.

A 6-pin Firewire plug sits atop the flexible metal tube, which is where you would place the iSight. The Firewire cable runs the length of the tub, and continues out of the metal, heavy base five feet as a standard 6-pin Firewire cable. The iSight, fully erect, with the iSight attached, is two feet in high.

Amazingly, the price is only $29.99 (US)! I think this is a wonderful product, one that I had no problem with at all. It works as advertised, allowing you to place your iSight camera where you want it to be, and not stuck to your monitor. The flexible metal tube allows you to twist and position the iSight more easily than a static clip will, as long as you keep the center of gravity within 6-inces of the base.

A great product from a company quickly making a name for themselves. Even though the MacMice name, and spelling, was used here at for years as our rating system, I have no grip with any company producing products of this quality, price, and style even though they took our name.

MyMac Rating: 5 out of 5

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