Rumors Abound

It’s never too early to start thinking about MacWorld SF (Remember MyMac is going to have folks providing coverage). I’ve heard speculation/rumors about Apple introducing something new, something radical, something so utterly cool merely putting a beer next to it will chill said beverage to a drinkable temperature. Supposedly Apple employees are being extra tight lipped and that behavior coupled with the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Mac is leading people to think something great is in the works.

I have no idea if something great is coming. Perchance there will be something great introduced in January, perhaps not. Perhaps it will be seemingly great and then flop (ala cube). In any event you’ll be better served by reading the mymac coverage than by guessing at which rumors are true and which are shinola. I advise saving some cash just in case that “must have” feeling hits.

On a semi related topic I see that Stupendous Software is passing out free iMovie tutorials. Learning about imovie is always fun so if you’re interested in learning how to use plug-ins you might want to check them out.

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