Them Great Hairy Actors

So many people complained that I left out the better actors when I talked about those great baldheaded actors, that I thought I should mention a few who have hair.

Three come to mind immediately. Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon. These guys are much easier to tell apart than those great baldheaded actors, aren’t they?

Who could forget Matt Damon’s great performance with Bob Hoskins in “Meet Joe Black?” Or Ben Affleck in “The Legend of Bagger Vance” with Wesley Snipes. What an awesome golf movie! My favorite is “Oceans Eleven” starring Brad Pitt. Of course Ben Affleck was also in that movie, along with Julia Stiles as Tess Ocean.

Matt Damon also played a bit part in “Finding Forrester” with Anthony Hopkins as Forrester, and a young black actor, Will Smith.

Ben Affleck is known more for his girlfriend – wife-to-be Madonna nowadays. But I never thought he and her have that much in common.

Brad Pitt also has had some ‘other’ things in the news besides his excellent movies. I did think he was excellent in “The Daredevil” however.

That’s all for now. Can’t be having too much culture here at MyMac. People will think we forgot all about the Macintosh. BTW, do you think there will be new iMacs coming out on the 20th anniversary of the Mac? The least they could do is bring out a new Mac commercial at the Superbowl with the Cowboys and the Redskins.

Roger Born

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