The Kick-Ass Design of the New Apple G5 Desktop Computer

Some reporters and pundants are calling the new G5 case design a Cheese
Grater? No, no, no! You don’t understand! Apple’s new PC case design is leading the whole PC industry (again).

Apple Computer, with the new G5 changed the way computer builders are going
to be thinking about how their components are to be laid out in their cases.
Why? Because Apple came up with a whole new paradigm of computer design
that perhaps no one had ever thought of. Watch also, as all the other major
PCs start to put fully ventilated faces on their best desktop models.

So if the new aluminum mesh turns you off, just wait for its logical design
to grow on you, as you begin to understand that this new advanced computer
design is functional, elegant, and so far ahead of everyone else, that all
the other PC case designs now look so last-century obsolete.

An airflow front panel is not a new thing after all, for Dell, SGI, and a
few other PC makers employ a grill-like front on some of their servers and
desktop models, but their plastic and steel cases although functional, are
not considered to be either as elegant nor the leading edge industrial
design as is the new G5.

Grill Sources:

You see, the G5 is beautiful in exactly the same way the new GM Cadillac CTS
is beautiful. That car design was at first very ugly to me, until I ‘got
it’ – the design, that is. Its design is meant to be mean, lean, and all
function, in much the same way that a no-nonsense Stealth Fighter is both
functional and beautiful.

Think about it. While most car manufacturers are going with the soft and
flowing school of automotive design, a few non-conformists decided that the
soft school of car design was not macho or futuristic enough. Thus Ford,
with a couple of their prototypes, and then a few designers at GM came up
with quite the opposite hard-edged, slab-sided, gnarly style in car design.
It was kick-ass.

Did you notice that Steve Jobs defined the new G5 in his keynote as
“kick-ass?” He wasn’t just talking about the performance and specifications
of Apple’s latest and greatest computer.

Think about the target customers of the advanced G5 for a moment. The
Graphics, Publications, and Movie Guys who will use this new machine are
going to love its male-centric, bare metal, minimal/functional G5 design a
whole lot more than they ever loved the candy colored Macs, or even the
latest white ones.

Apple’s latest computers are now all grown up and serious machines for the
leading edge industries to use for designing their own world-class, advanced

Kudos for Apple Industrial design team (again).

I also think in just a few days after these go on sale, there will be case
mods of the new G5 on all the PC Mod sites, like the amazing and strange
things you see at such places as or Tom’ Hardware.

The new G5 layout and architecture lends itself well to lit fans, cold
cathode panels, piped lights, transflective cables, and all the little LED
trinkets that Modders love so well, doesn’t it?

New G5 owners are going to love the see through front and back of the G5
case. In fact, if you want to mod your own new G5, since the case already
has a Plexiglas side cover, just under the aluminum door, (thoughtfully
provided by Apple), you can leave the aluminum door off and enjoy the cool
insides of Apple’s most advanced and logical design, right out of the box.

So enjoy the new Apple G5 Personal Desktop Computer in its advanced
performance and design, — and welcome to the new millennium.

Roger Born
Designer, Writer, Teacher, General Troublemaker

Roger Born

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