There is a School

There is a school, which spans every state in the United States of America. The school has been around for a long, long time. It brings in millions of dollars, and is rumored to have over a billion or more in the bank. This school, like most schools, is tax exempt, meaning they do not pay property taxes for any of their facilities, nor do they pay income tax on any of the money they receive.

This school has a large number of clients. Both adults and children attend this school. The school is not run, however, with the sanction of the government. They have their own self-governing body.

At this school, the C&C School for Higher Education, some of their teacher’s have been accused of molesting young children. There are literally thousands of teachers working for this school, and most have never been accused of any wrongdoing. Most are hard working, pillars of the community, outstanding citizens respected in every way. The C&C School for Higher Education has received a black eye in the public for the wrongdoings of a few teachers who have committed these heinous crimes.

One would think, then, that the C&C School for Higher Education would have fired these teachers, turned them over to the police. One would think that they would fully support any criminal investigation into these allegations. After all, it is the moral thing to do. You would think that, but you would be wrong.

In fact, those in high positions within the C&C School for Higher Education have done just the opposite. They have, at every turn, done all they can to thwart the efforts of the law enforcement community. They have hidden records. They have refused to cooperate in any meaningful way. And yet, people still send their children to these schools. People still financially support the school at every opportunity. Yes, some parents have moved their children into other schools, or taken them out altogether. But the vast majority of parents have left their children in these places.

Before the authorities were really made aware of the criminal activities going on at the school, it has been learned, the governing body at the school had learned of the actions of some of their teachers. What did the school do with these pedophile teachers who would rape their young wards, you ask? At the very least, one would expect them to have been fired. But when a parent or a victim student grown into adulthood brought these allegations to the attention of the governing school authorities, what was the most common course of action? The C&C School for Higher Education simply moved these teachers out of that community and into another, different school, in effect protecting the teacher and ignoring the crime and victim. Occasionally, the school would pay a large sum of money to keep the victim and his or her family quiet.

Over the last few years, the truth has come out publicly about the activities of the C&C School for Higher Education. In light of the negative public reaction, it seems that the C&C School for Higher Education has simply returned to doing what it has done in the past. Protect their teachers, impede any criminal investigation, and lie.

It has been suggested that the school officials, those who covered up the criminal activities, should be punished alongside those who actually committed the crimes of rape and sexual molestation of children. After all, harboring a known criminal is a crime in and of itself. Hiding the activity from the proper legal authorities is a criminal offense. Harboring criminal teachers, and in fact putting them into another school to commit the same crimes over and over again, is a reprehensible act and should be punished.

But to date, next to nothing has been done to the school. None of the schools governing body has been charged with any criminal act. While the public cries out for justice, the same tactics are used again and again by the C&C School for Higher Education. The scope of the criminal activities perpetrated in the C&C School for Higher Education is staggering.

And yet, despite all that, parents still send their children to the C&C School for Higher Education.

The police and criminal investigators seem unwilling or unable to do much of anything.

Now, change the word “Teacher” to “Priest” and C&C School for Higher Education to “The Catholic Church.” Does that make the crimes any less heinous? Does that make the church officials any less reprehensible? Does it make the evil acts committed and easier to accept? For some people, it would seem so.

Tim Robertson

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