Company: PodShop

Price: $15.95

Guest Review by James Henke

At $15.95 the Pod Holder fills a niche for desktop users wanting to keep their iPod within easy reach while retaining the easy functionality of the iPod. I’ve noticed many of the cases on the market seem cheaply made and a little “clunky” in the real world use department.

My own pod I gave up early and learned to live with a semi-gloss silver back and some minor dings and dents on the faceplate (my pod has been around). Oddly enough I had made a cardboard cradle for my pod recently to hold it steady and keep scratches to the back to a minimum.

The Pod Holder alleviates this handyman approach for the rest of you. Made out of clear acrylic angled to hold the iPod upright on your desk. Rubber feet keep things stationary during use and proved to be excellent at keeping my iPod stationary during everyday use.

Rubber feet also serve to keep the pod holder form slipping on the your desk when you go to push the face panel buttons or use the scroll wheel.

A simple design that serves its purpose well. A couple of negatives: The fit and finish of the Pod Holder is clean although the edges could use a light rounding to keep from scrapping the occasional finger or marring power or headphone cords. Otherwise The Pod Holder serves its purpose as claimed, functional attractively.

MacMice Rating: 4 out of 5

Tim Robertson

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