Have more kids, go to jail!

Have more kids, go to jail!

I just read this. In a nutshell, a judge has ruled that this couple cannot have anymore children, or they will be held in contempt and tossed in jail.

They already have four kids, all living in foster care. The reason? All the kids were found to have cocaine in their blood. Turns out Mom and Pop are drug addicts, and are unable to care for the children. Monroe County Family Court Judge Marilyn O’Connor said in her ruling “The facts of this case and the reality of parenthood cry out for family planning education,” she ruled. “This court believes the constitutional right to have children is overcome when society must bear the financial and everyday burden of care.”

I am not sure where I stand on this, to be honest. On the one hand, who the hell is a judge to make such an obviously unconstitutional ruling? By the same token, these are scum parents to be sure, and they have shown they are a clear and present danger to children, both those already born and any future children.

Tough case.

Dennis Sellers, formally of MacCentral and now with a gig at MacMinute, has set up his own blog, Macsimum Perspective. Highly recommended, you should take a look! A prolific and respected writer, Dennis is one of those guys who make any site he hangs his hat at better just by his being there.

This is REALLY trippy!

So after my last rant, I got to thinking… How is technology, beyond the guided missiles that can track a ham sandwich in Rush Limbaugh’s digestive track, affecting what we see and hear about our invasion, err, I mean war to free Iraq? A good article can be found here, which focuses on how digital cameras are changing everything?

Well, as Seacrest says, Tim OUT!

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