Photoshop Studio
Book Review

Photoshop Studio
Author: Bert Monroy

Publisher: New Riders
Price: US $45.00
ISBN: 0-7357-1246-8

Photoshop Studio is like a taking a ride with a Photoshop master for a few hours at a time, and learning the tricks of the trade. Bert Monroy does some really amazing things in Photoshop (and Illustrator), and guides you step by step on how he did it. From creating window blinds to creating handles on a photo-realistic filling cabinet, this book is filled with great pictures and easy to read language many Photoshop users will find useful.

(I should mention, though, that while you can create the great looking scenes Bert did in Photoshop, why would you want to? I mean, with 3D software so low in price today, you can get even more realistic graphics with a program such as Strata than you can with Photoshop. In MUCH less time. But Bert Monroy is an artist, and Photoshop is his tool, so this is more a practical thought on my end, and has no bearing on the quality of this book or the techniques applied therein.)

The book itself is well written, though I particularly enjoyed the beginning of the book in which the reader gets a glimpse of BertÕs studio. I would die for a studio like that, let me tell you!

Photoshop Studio is as much a picture book, as it is a written one. On almost every page is a picture of what he is writing about, how to do it, and all in clear color. (And the screen snapshots all show Bert is using Mac OS X!)

Photoshop Studio is a class act. Well put together, well-written, and easy to follow. I enjoyed the time I spent with this book, and if you are into Photoshop, you will too.

MacMice Rating: 5 out of 5

Tim Robertson

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