Three Quick Reviews

Sometimes a product and/or service doesn’t require several hundred words to review. Sometimes a paragraph is more than enough. And sometimes the reviewer is plain lazy. So instead of my usual overly verbose offerings I present three really quick reviews with all the info you need to know complete with mac mice ratings, cause honestly, isn’t that what you came to see?

Making Awesome iMovies for Home, School and Small Business

This is a CD with most of the basic stuff you’d expect from an iMovie tutorial. Nothing earth shattering is contained within and I would personally rather learn this kind of info from a book. Still, if you prefer learning from a visual tutorial then this may be the solution for you. One caveat: iMovie takes up your entire screen, trying to use this disc as a reference will be a hassle to say the least.
Pro’s: Nice general movie making tips
Con’s: It’s on a CD.
$29.95 from many online stores.

MacMice Rating: 2.5 out of 5

TDK velocd

If you bought the aforementioned CD then you’d need a drive to play it on. You could use the TDK velocd 32,10,40 internal cd burner. I have one, just cram it in to the computer and you’ll never know the difference (except it’s a bit quieter than the standard mac drive and it burns cds).
On the plus side: the tray is translucent blue so it looks much cooler than the apple supplied drive, it burns entire cds in the time it takes to smoke a cigarette or decide on a restaurant.
On the negative side: No Disc Burner support, you’ll be forced to use toast
79.95 at Best Buy after fifty dollar rebate (that’s value!)

MacMice Rating: 3 out of 5

Comcast High Speed Internet

From what I hear Comcast service sucks. Of course I hear that from people with less than great computers. On my computer it’s just fast and at 49.95 a month it’s worth every penny. What can you do with all the extra speed? I happen to KNOW what you’ll do with it. You’ll look at porn with greater satisfaction than ever before. I, however, use my bandwidth to spend time at high quality mind expanding art and literature sites.
Get it if: You are considering a second phone line specifically for internet use or if you are frustrated by slow load times.

Avoid it if: You’re already happy with your internet performance. If all you’re after are sports scores and news stories then stick with the dial up. The cost isn’t justifiable unless you spend forty hours a month or more on the internet.

MacMice Rating: 4 out of 5


Chris Seibold

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