Rodney O. Lain, Again

I just read Tim’s tribute to Rodney O. Lain and was moved to re-publish my own, first posted at on June 17, 2002. I think it’s still up there, but just in case it isn’t, here’s the new location:
A lot of this is very personal and more than a little painful, but you might learn a thing or two. Included in this one is an account of my own private ritual where I took a photo of Rodney and left it in a special place. I also posted a special image for Rodney on that same day two years ago at FotoFeed. Have a look.

Most of my talks with Rodney were conducted late at night via email. VERY late … a lot of it had to do with just gettin’ through the night, and considering what we were both dealing with, that was an accomplishment in itself. He and I were side-by-side columnists at for eight months before new management fired our asses, but we let ’em know we were there.

[The WebFaust columns I wrote for MacAddict when Rodney & I were working there are available at] | FarrFeed | FotoFeed | |

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