Rodney O. Lain

Prologue: Below is an ongoing listing of feedback and reader reaction to publisher Tim Robertson’s column on Rodney O. Lain’s death.


I enjoyed your editorial on Rodney. So many others pussyfooted around the topic; you had guts. Thanks.
Your comments will probably help other depressed people consider how their actions affect others.
No reply necessary.

Graeme Bennett


Just read your piece on your friend Rodney O. Lain. Please accept my
sympathies. make that my fucking sympathies. I’m serious. And so was your
letter, not as much for us, the reader, but to Rodney. My own friend, a great
guy and brother-in-law up and killed himself 4 years ago January 12th. Redefined
tragedy for many, esp. my sister and their 2 great girls. I commend you for
your righteous anger and sadness; and your letter of fuck you to Rodney is
also a nice friend-to-friend letter of sadness and just bummin. Please know
that the journey of suicide aftermath is a long, and often crazy-feeling,
sad one. Intense on a new level. If you ever want to tell me about Rodney
and his life, feel free. If not, so be it. Better yet, fuck it.

Props to the life you had with Rodney. I am truly sorry for your loss, and

Patrick Dean, MEd., Director

Thanks for the kind words, Patrick. I would rather send any sympathy not to
me, but to Rodneys family. My grief over my friend is a small, insignificant
thing next to theirs.



Knowing that you will, without doubt, receive some flame-mail
regarding your article about Rodney, I just wanted to drop you a
short note to support your speaking the truth about how you feel.
I, too, have known someone that chose the cowards’ way out of a
tough situation and, while I found myself still respecting the
person, I found that I could not respect the self-serving decision
they had taken to “check out” while callously ignoring all of the
pain they would be causing to anyone that cared about them.

I, too, was MAD! Shit! I hadn’t done anything to deserve this kind
of treatment from them. All they had to do was call!……but they
didn’t even give me a chance to help……….they checked out.
They were hurting and anyone else’s hurting because they check out
was just too fuckin’ bad for the other guy.

I still cannot justify the action taken, nor can I excuse the pain
caused by the selfish act. I still miss my friend.

When my time comes, if I happen to see them in the after-
life…..they are going to have some serious explaining to
do…….right after I have personally kicked their ass for being
such a dumb-fuck!

Lee Allen

Thanks, Lee. So far, all the email received on my note to Rodney has been
supportive. I really don’t give a shit if it does piss off people. Hell,
Rodney would have LOVED it, and would have loved knowing at least one more
article out there, about him, riled people up some.

Thanks for the email.



I was a fan of Rodney and his writings, but never was lucky enough to meet him in person. like many people in the communitiy, he was emminanty available for comment from what I know. Its my loss for not reaching out when it was an option. HOWEVER, I think that in light of recent events, we should use this tragedy of loosing one of our own, to confront depression head on in the mac community. i am not saying that it is any more prevalant than any other segment of society. But maybe by banding together to fight depression we can actually create a memorial in honor of Rodney, and that memorial would be the lives we may save by doing SOMETHING to prevent more people from taking that terrible step.

Steve Landon

I agree, Steve. I am open to any ideas you may have on how to help combat



I just read your column, Rodney O. Lain. I think iBrotha would have loved it.


Thanks, Tommy. I wrote it just for that reason. And somehow, I think he did
read it.



I think you may be confused regarding the use of f**k as adult language. It is really Jr high language. Most mature adults that I know are better educated in their vocabulary and less offensive in their interaction with other people. Also bravery is not linked to offensiveness. In fact, in this day and age, one has to be very brave not to be offensive. I find it a shame that we tend to glamourize the way of life that led to emotional destruction. Yes you have “a right to say whatever you want”, and “no one will shut you up”, nor should they. And thank you for giving me the same freedom.

Your welcome, and thanks for taking the time to write. Yours was really the
first to somewhat take offence at the wording on my column. I expected more,

Also, Rodney was a very brave writer. You should go and read some of what he



Thank you sir for the kind, true words written about Rodney. I was kind of
new to his website. Just four months ago. Sad loss… very sad.

Thank you,
Tony Rochester

Thanks, Tony. The Mac web is a lot less creative without him in it.

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