The Naked Truth

With apologies to Scott Kelby for the title of this MacRelevant column, The Naked Truth, I decided to write a brief article on his book of the same name.

Recently writer Chris Seibold wrote a review on Scott Kelby’s latest book, Macintosh… The Naked Truth. I even emailed Scott before we published it, telling him that Chris gave him pretty high marks for his book. (Writers HATE hearing from people who liked their book, in case you were wondering.) Then, a week later, Scott asked me to go read the review of his book at by Paul Thurrott, News Editor of Windows 2000 magazine. I did, and if anything, it simply proves the point Scott made in his book.

In response to Mr. Thurrott’s review, I present this from Scott himself.

New Mac book enrages PC users

Scott Kelby’s controversial new book, “Macintosh: the Naked Truth” has only been out a little more than a week, and PC users are already rushing to attack it, including Paul Thurrott, News Editor of Windows 2000 magazine who posted a scathing review of Scott’s new book on Thurrott called the book “An embarrassing pro-Mac manifesto for the truly clueless.”

“It’s because of guys like him that I wrote the book in the first place,” said Kelby. “Actually, His comments made my case better than I ever could. Frankly, I wish I could’ve included his review in my book, because every Mac user can relate to an encounter with a PC user just like him,” he added.

Paul’s blasting of Kelby’s book hasn’t hurt its popularity as it ranks as the 14th bestselling Macintosh book on Kelby adds “I’m sure it’s also the #1 most hated book by PC users who can’t stand anyone telling the other side of the story.”

The book, and the review, can be found at (search for Macintosh: the naked truth)

I also posted our review of the book at’s website. It is my hope that our more honest review helped sell more copies of the book that Mr. Thurrott’s did to steer people away from it.

Our reviewer, Chirs, was not the only writer to receive a copy of the book from New Riders, the publisher of Macintosh… The Naked Truth. I also received a copy, but deferred writing a review in favor of Chris writing his. But now, with Mr. PC Weenie Thurrott’s rant, I feel I should also put my own two cents in.

This is a great book for any Mac fan. The front cover of the book says it all: “An irreverent, off-the-wall, PC-slammin’, totally-biased look at Apple, and what it’s like to be a Mac user stuck in a Windows dominated world.”

That is what the book is all about. It is great, the type of Macintosh book I myself would have loved to write. Had I thought any publisher would have ever taken to the idea, this book would have been written by me a few years ago. (Though not as well written as Scott did, I am honest to say. I am not the master of the written word that Scott is!)

So all you Mac militants (and you know who you are!) Here is your chance to shut up a lying, bigmouth PC editor. Head over to and order this book today. It is only $13.99 after all. Cheap for such a good read! Do it today, and then thank me tomorrow after you read it. You will enjoy it.

Tim Robertson

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