Oh! What Might Have Been!

I remember Gina. Loving her was so easy! I could be anything around her, she was so accepting of me, and of anything I wanted to do. It was so free and easy loving her! She and I were such a team, and she gave me my best dreams!

But that was long ago. I married Martha, of course.

It was a sound decision to do so. All my family and friends thought I would do well to marry her. I could have gainful employment because of her. I would have a secure life.

Life with Martha has not always been easy. She sometimes refuses to do what I need. At times when I most depend on her, she is “Indisposed.” Oh, we get along OK, I guess. I can even have some fun with her, playing games and all. Sometimes we watch movies or listen to music together.

But late at night, when no one is around, I dream of Gina! Oh, her sweet curves branded themselves on my heart. Her simple and gentle ways ÐOh, what might have been!

What? Of course I am not talking about my marriage or my love life! I married the girl of my dreams, thank you for asking!

No. I am talking about working on the PC running Microsoft Windows and Office.

You know, “Working On The Dark Side?” I used to work on the Mac. It was such a neat computer, always so forgiving and accepting of my way of doing things. It was a beautiful Ruby and White computer, with glorious curves and an awesome interface!

Why, I could do my work without even thinking of the Mac, and I could do absolutely anything with her ÐUmm, Ôthat’ computer.

Not so on the PC. But you know that, right?

There are always demands to be made on my method of working. I must tread lightly around certain functions and processes in my work, else she ÐUmm Ôit’ will cease to function and I might lose hours of work in a frozen flash of blue!

Oh, people were right. I could work for an all Windows PC company and make good pay. I settled for working on the dark side. I have a family to support, after all.

Thus came the decision when I had the scratch to buy a new computer for the home. I bought one that could dial up and interface with my VPN account, and run the proprietary software my company uses. This allowed me to work at home during part of the week, so “It was Necessary.”

I did not buy a Mac, that new iMac I really wanted! (Oh, what curves on that beauty!)

No. Not me.

I designed and built my own PC instead.

Oh, I have learned how to do that. You have to, working on a PC. You must learn how it works and how to fix anything in its hardware or software, if you are to be a survivor using one of these infernal machines! I have become my own Tech Support.

Yeah. I guess you could say I am part of the Dark Side now.

I feel as bad as if I really married a plain and grumpy Martha, instead of the girl of my dreams.

So, I work on the PC by day, but at night I dream of that sweet and racy lover I once knew!

Don’t do what I did, kid!

Don’t sell out. Stay with your Mac! It’s better to live on chocolate and oranges with Love, than it is to settle for steak and potatoes without it.

That’s how I feel, married to the PC in my work-a-day world.

But at night, I dream of the Mac!

Roger Born

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