Pornography on the World Wide Web

My name is Pete Miner and I’m pissed! Normally I use the space graciously allotted to me by the friendly folks at to write something light and fictional about an idea that pops into my less than normal sized mind and somehow try to connect it to computers, or more precisely, Apple computers. I try to write with as much humor as I can squeeze onto the keyboard. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail miserably. But let me make it clear that what I’m writing about today is neither fiction nor is it meant to be humorous.

Let me also make clear that I am not a born again bible toting preacher with the single agenda of saving your soul. I don’t care about your soul. I don’t care about your sexual preference, proclivities, bias or bent. I don’t care if you spend 10 hours a day surfing pornography sites until you’re spewing happy boy juice all over the carpet or sticking cucumbers where they don’t belong. Hey, if you’re an adult and it’s legal, knock yourself out. I don’t care. I’ve spent a fair amount of time myself leafing through the pages of Playboy and Penthouse in my younger days, and not just for the articles either. Neither am I a right wing extremist looking to tread on anyone’s First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and expression. I was a member of the U.S. Navy and was willing to go to war to protect those rights. Lucky for me, I didn’t have too. So be assured that I am not using this page to promote any political or religious agenda.

One group of assholes that I’m pissed at are the bottom feeding, sleazy scumbag pieces of whale shit that invade my desktop with unsolicited emails linked to Porn sites. These emails use to come with non-descriptive subject lines like, “Hi I’m Sheila,” or “I’ve been dying to meet you,” or “Hi, it’s me.” Not anymore. Apparently this didn’t do the trick so the slimy pukes became more graphic in their subject lines. “Have sex with me,” Never pay for sex again,” “Pre-teens doing it,” and far more explicit wording that I’d be too embarrassed to print here. You’ve seen them, I’m sure. And because of this crap finding its way into my email I am no longer comfortable asking my wife or daughter to download my email for me when I’m on the road for several days at a time.

But the group that pisses me off more than the email skanks, (and the reason I am venting my anger on this white background) are those dog shit licking Pornographers that have infiltrated and defiled, through deliberate misrepresentation, the mainstream accessibility to the World Wide Web for those of us who use the Internet for other than our carnal desires.

An example of what I mean: The other day I was surfing through some Catering web sites in the Seattle area doing research for one of my daughters who has a Catering business. I got a list of sites by doing a local search on Yahoo. I’d been to several of them and was clicking on another when my wife walked by just as windows started popping open on the screen. These windows were filled with the naked women and the cheesy neon colored backgrounds of someone’s Porn site. I started closing windows as more popped open, six or seven total before I got rid of them all. If looks could kill…, I quickly explained to Carol what had happened and assured her she wasn’t married to a cyber closet pervert. This link was among all the other catering site links that I was perusing, yet it took me to a Porn page. I call that infiltration and deliberate misrepresentation.

Another more famous example of these sleaze bag pornographers infiltrating every nook and cranny of the Internet is the domain that has gotten plenty of media coverage over the past few years. Apparently the owners of this flesh site have no qualms about showing what should be “adult only” material to any unsuspecting school kid who inadvertently types in instead of while researching a homework assignment on the living quarters of the President of the United States. These no conscience having, child molesting, predatorial pieces of shit don’t even attempt to warn the unsuspecting with a cautionary cover page anymore. A graphics free page that states you are about to enter a porn site and must be 18 years old, etc. etc. Sure, some of these sites still carry this disclaimer, but it’s in small print at the bottom of a graphically suggestive home page. Okay, I understand that the Internet is a medium for all, even the Porn Pigs. And I can see that these pigs are not going to police themselves. So instead, the rest of us have to take steps and often times spend money on filtering software to keep these parasites from infiltrating our very own computers. And that really pisses me off! I shouldn’t have to spend money to keep this crap off my computer and quite frankly I won’t. But for all you parent’s with young children that don’t want these pornography sites or sexually explicit emails popping up in little Billy or Suzie’s face you really have no alternative but to arm your computer with some sort of content filtering to keep these smut mongers at bay. The web sites and are a good place to start if you don’t fully understand this whole filtering and blocking procedure and want to take steps to protect the young’uns from the perverted pornographic pigs.

Be assured that until we see strict, enforceable regulations against the porn peddlers and smut spammers, that letting your child go online without proper supervision is no less damaging than allowing that same unsupervised child walk down some of the seedier streets in our big cities that are filled with strip joints, adult bookstores, video shops and peep shows. These cretins of the flesh may have the same rights to advertise and hawk their wares and perversities just as Wal-Mart and Costco do. But it is illegal for them to target and entice our children, which is exactly what they’re doing. And that PISSES ME OFF!

My only suggestion to curb this pornography parade in front of our children is to assign these sexually explicit web sites their own domain extension, as This would corral them all into one area of the net. And anyone going to a web site with that extension would know in advance what kind of content to expect. To further safeguard our kids, access to all these sites should only be from a page having no explicit graphics and requiring password only entrance by means of, say a credit card. I don’t know, I’m not a legislator of law. And I’m sure there are other, more creative ways to police the infiltration of unwanted pornography onto my computer. In the meantime I guess it’s up to us, the individuals, to be more aware and observant of what we and our children click on when we’re out there riding the web. T hanks for letting me vent my spleen on this topic and I hope I haven’t offended anyone. If so, you’ll get over it, I’m sure.

Pete Miner

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