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Ott-Lite Vision Saver
Estimated Price: $199.95 list
Environmental Lighting Concepts, Inc.
(web site under construction; use their email address, fax, or toll-free phone numbers instead, listed on the home page)

Tucked away in a small corner booth at January’s Macworld Expo a display that stopped me in my tracks as I dashed wildly through the exhibition halls. I had seen a few tiny teaser advertisements in Macintosh print publications, so when I glimpsed the table full of Ott-Lite Vision Saver lamps my dormant curiosity ignited.

The Ott-Lites are sleek, elegant, stylized, classy, expensive, and do the job with flair (but no glare). I hope the company web site is completed soon, because no print description or boring spec sheet can render the beauty and refinement of these table and floor lamps.

Ranging from penguin-like 13 Watt Portable Lamps to 18 Watt Floor and Desk units, these gems are gorgeous. Don’t be fooled by the low wattage numbers. My graphite color 18 Watt Clamp-On Desk Ott-Lite provides more desktop illumination than the halogen bulbs overhead in my office ceiling.


The “sunny Spring day” quality of the special bulbs is relaxing to the eyes. I now look forward to working at my desk after dark here in sunny Arizona, because of the quality of light coming from this lamp.

The “crane” design allows me to position and rotate the lamp hardware and bulb in an infinite range of positions. I’m currently using the sturdy Clamp-On mounting to free some desk space, but the heavy Desk Top base is included in the price, and is a breeze to set up and operate.

Ott-Lite provides detailed instructions with every package. Phone support and corporate accounts are available.

The company calls their products the “Ultimate Computer Accessories.” In my situation the light is actually too bright to use here on the desk with my iMac unless I bend it away from the computer’s screen. Give me a little more quality time with the lamp and I’m sure I will come up with a satisfactory location and configuration for my Ott-Lite.

Low wattage means low heat. Equivalent to a standard harsh 100w bulb, Ott-Lite’s 18 Watt tube bulb is safely warm, not hot to the touch, and is rated to last 10,000 hours. Accessories and bulbs for my Crane and their other lamps are available.

How do you try before you buy? Call the company and ask where to preview the lineup in your neighborhood. I personally recommend Ott-Lites. They are attractive and good value, just like your Macintosh.

MacMice Rating: 5 out of 5

My Ott-Lite contact advises that:

The 13 watt task lamp with magnifier is available at Radio Shack Stores, and your crane lamp can be purchased through the Office Depot Catalog or website. Also carries them.

John Nemerovski

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