Great Mac Sites

Every now and then, some writer will do a column on the best of the best Mac websites out there. So, with the recent shake-up in the Mac web as of late, I thought I would give you my own list of top 5 Mac websites.

#5. MacWeek
MacWeek is a great resource of Macintosh information. In fact, they are…

Oh, wait, they closed shop. Okay, let’s start again,

#5. MacCentral. If you want hard-hitting news, MacCentral is THE place to get it. They DIG for their stories, rather than letting companies and PR firms simply email all their news to them. They also have some of the very best columnist in the Mac world today!

What’s that? The DO just wait for PR firms to give them all their news? And they went and fired all those great writers? Really?! Why would they do that? Well, gosh, this list is getting harder all the time. So, fine, I will start yet AGAIN!

#5. MacAddict. Now here is a website which knows how to have a great presence on the Internet. Now only do they write great columns and reviews, but they went out and picked up two of my favorite Mac writers, John Farr and sometimes My Mac contributor Rodney O’Lain. With gorgeous colors and original content, MacAddict is a step above the rest.

Opps, my fault. I forgot. For some reason that is beyond my feeble reckoning, they let both Rodney and John go, even though it was far and away the best content on their site. Most of their content is directed out to their little “MacAddict Network” clique, which they did not let me join. And they sport one of the worse color schemes I have ever seen. The magazine itself is good, though.

Man oh man; this is NOT an easy list to compile. (And I am sure it is winning me legions of new readers and the good will of the above-mentioned sites)

#5. Mac Living Daily. Opps. Wait. They are gone now as well. I thought they were supposed to be THE place for all the latest Mac information on the web. That is what their PR said.

#5. MacTimes. Sort of like MacCentral. They offer news, columns, and reviews… Oh, sorry. Now they offer to send you spam email. YIPPIE! SIGN ME UP! In fact, after I tried to leave their site, a NEW website popped up all by itself (Which we all love SO much) that reads, “Thanks for visiting our site! You’re very special to us, and as a reward, we’ve listed out the most popular sites as voted by our visitors”. Gee, thanks. I LOVE some of these “popular” sites SOMEONE voted for, such as “Get a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to American Baby Magazine!” at number five, and “Can’t figure out what gift to give someone? Give them a Visa GiftCard and let them choose.” Does my heart proud!

#5. Mac OS Daily. Now this guy has a plan! He talked and talked and talked last year at Macworld San Francisco about how he was going to rule the Mac landscape. How GREAT his site would be, but more importantly, how much MONEY he was going to make doing so. He even hired a good guy by the name of Dr. Tim Hillman, who is a fantastic writer. So, going on the Internet to check his progress, we see… Well, as Homer Simpson would say, ÔDOH!

#5. MacHome Journal. Decent magazine with a…gosh. The top item on their MacHome Interactive site is “November Gift Guide”. Either they are incredibly early, or four to five months stale. The 15th item from the top is “Mac OS 8.5 is the next big thing in Mac operating systems” Ouch.

A note to James Capparell, President of the magazine whom I met last year in San Francisco and really liked: let’s talk.

#5…. Okay, I think I made my point. (Not sure what my point is, but I am sure I have made it.) The Mac web is still a vibrant and active place. All silliness aside, no one web site is perfect, especially this one. But for every failed Mac OS Daily, who was “in it” for the money, there are a host of others out there WELL WORTH your looking into. A brief list of worth visiting Mac site include: The MacObserver, AppleLinks , Accelerate Your Mac! , ResExcellence , Low End Mac , Inside Mac Games , MacKiDo , Insanely Great Mac , Go2Mac , MacSurfer , TidBits , As The Apple Turns, and a HOST of others.

Yes, there is a LONG list of very worthwhile websites for you to visit to get your daily fill of Macintosh information. But from time to time, I am happy to point out the bad ones.

Tim Robertson

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