Note from the Publisher

Over five years. That is how long My Mac Magazine has been publishing a monthly digital magazine. Our first issue was released at the end of July, 1995. At the time, the My Mac staff consisted of one person, me. Who knew that more than five years would pass before the downloadable monthly edition would finally cease to be? Who knew how many more staff members would come and go in all that time?

As of October, 2000, My Mac will become a web-only publication. That is not to say we will no longer offer downloadable editions of our content. We will. Though not only a regular monthly basis.

Sixty five monthly issues under our belt is an accomplishment I never thought to see, especially back in 1995 and 1996. Back then, I would have loved to have been picked up by one of the mainstream print Mac magazines as a writer, doing reviews of monthly columns. One of the reasons, actually, for starting My Mac was to hone my writing ability. And while I don’t think of myself as a bad writer, I don’t delude myself into thinking I am a great writer. I am not. In fact, I think my real talent comes in seeing great talent in others. That, if for no other reason, is what has made My Mac the success it has been, and what has fueled the growth we have in the last five years. Simply put, I got some of the best writers and editorial staff out there, most of whom have never been a writer before. So to all of them, I say Thank You. Without our staff, well, there would be no My Mac.

But things change. While I still feel like there is a lot of interest in the Macintosh community for a downloadable digital magazine, one which you can view offline, I feel that it is time to expand our scope, and leave some of our most time consuming tasks behind. Trust me, putting together these PDF and DOCMaker editions of My Mac takes a whole bunch of time, time which could be better spent on creating content for the website.

Sometime in October, we will launch our new website. Don’t worry, we will keep publishing the great columns your used to. We will also continue to publish reviews on the product your most interested in. We will also expand our content, to cover other non-Mac related products. We will have columns on non-Mac subjects. In short, we decided to expand our content, making the sky the limit.

I want to thank each one of you for reading My Mac. This monthly stuff has been a ball, and we look forward to having more dynamic content in the very near future.

Tim Robertson

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