This is for all you soldiers in the corporate trenches, foxholes and
cubicles of America. You who create the bottom line for your companies. You
who go against others in the productivity wars. This one’s for you.

You officers who are over these faithful people in your companies – why do
you give them second hand PCs and a third rate operating system as weapons
to use in their day to day battles? Did someone tell you that was the only
way to do business?

Its anarchy out there! MS Windows has to work on umpteen thousands of
hardware configurations while running on creaky old DOS. No wonder its so
full of holes! Your troops spend hours and days creating data, only to see
it disappear into the black hole of MS bloatware and trashware. No wonder
their moral is sinking!

Get them the good weapons and tools from Apple, and watch them create
profit and protect your bottom line! Macintoshes are integrated. They are
great for business. You can run the same kinds of applications on them that
you already run on windows. Macs have real desktops. Your people will
actually be able to find their files. Macs are standardized. Your troops who
learn one app on the Mac generally already know how to run any other app.
Send your trainers home.

Don’t worry about getting new networks either. Apples run on the old ones
just fine. Don’t worry about redoing all your data and documents. Macs open
and update them just dandy. What? Your IS people didn’t tell you that Macs
are fully compatible? Bet they told you that Apple Computers cost more too?
Bet they didn’t tell you Apple Servers are more secure.

Send your IS people home. Those high priests of Windows. You won’t need so
many of them if you give your troops Macintoshes. Those priests will
complain. They will tell you that you and your company will not be able to
survive without windows, (and without them to keep it all afloat). Don’t
believe them. They just want to perpetuate the Myth. It is their bottom line
they look out for, not yours. Send them back to Bill.

Join the thousands of companies who have switched over to the Mac. You
already know who they are. They are your competitors who are more
productive, and whose troops have better moral. They are the companies who
are more profitable. Their troops no longer fight their tools and weapons to
get their jobs done, rather they are now busy fighting for profit and market
share instead.

Wanna see your bottom line improve? Wanna see your troops moral climb?
Check out the Mac. It is the best corporate weapon you can buy. No deadly
worms or viruses on them. Give your people the edge, the secret weapon of
better businesses everywhere. Get em a Mac!

Roger Born

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