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Norton AntiVirus
Company: Symantec
Estimated Price: $69.95

Symantec has also updated its AntiVirus program to version 6, and has made a point of pushing the aspect of speed in its newest version. Once you’ve updated your virus definitions, subsequent scans go very quickly. Like Norton Utilities, Norton AntiVirus (NAV) now has the capability of LiveUpdate, using your Internet connection.

As with other antivirus programs, NAV covers your System where virus-infected files/programs can gain access to your computer: your email; downloads from the Internet; floppies; removable media; and even network connections. With LiveUpdate and regularly scheduled monthly updates posted on their website the first of each month, Symantec has now improved their update response to include suddenly occurring viruses. Besides updating your virus definitions when you use LiveUpdate, you can also update your application itself if Symantec has released an updated version, which is great when Apple changes the Mac OS or releases a new update to the system.

NAV is also part of the user interface with Norton Utilities, so when you update one, you can update the other. You can also access NAV in the panel when you use NDD. NAV features AutoProtect, the ability to repair boot blocks, enhanced and persistent reports (which means that it keeps track of all your Virus reports), and Apple Guide support. One thing I was happy to see is that compressed files are scanned last, rather then at the beginning or the middle. To me it just seems to make things go faster.

Norton AntiVirus received some bad press regarding AutoProtect and problems that were attributed to it. While I haven’t encountered any of those problems, I did experience a couple of problems when I’ve used the LiveUpdate capability and the update apparently “freezes” midpoint in the process. (The update is successfully completed, however, and a restart is all that’s necessary to “fix” the problem.) Tech Support (online) was also quick in response to any questions or problems I posed.

With new viruses surfacing constantly (although not to the extent that Wintel users have to suffer through), and new Macro viruses, the capability of protecting your system from these potential afflictions is well worth the cost. Again, for those of you who may be hesitant to utilize LiveUpdate, Symantec will be posting downloadable versions of their updates at their website.

Oh, before I forget, due to “legal” requirements, the user is entitled to one year of free updates for the utility, after which they will have to pay $3.95 a year for the privilege… a very minor price for any updates to the important antiviral definitions or the application software itself.

System Requirements
PowerPC processor, Mac OS 8.1 or greater, 24MB of RAM, 10MB of hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, and a modem or Internet connection for LiveUpdate capability.

MacMice Rating: 3

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