RedNeck Rampage – Review

RedNeck Rampage
Company: Interplay
Estimated Price: $9.95

So there you are, pistol in hand, on a long dirt road lined with trees. As you approach the intersection ahead of you, chickens appear running all about. Suddenly some hick starts firing at you, so you quickly take him out with your six-shooter.

You reach the intersection, and suddenly a pickup truck whips around a corner, taking out every chicken in his path. Blood and feathers fly everywhere amongst a sea of crazed hillbilly music brought to you by the likes of the Reverend Horton Heat. You pick up a double-barrel shotgun and slowly take it out with shot after shot as it continues to circle around you.

Yaaaahoo! So begins the first few minutes of Interplay’s Redneck Rampage. This is the long-awaited PC classic that has finally been ported to the Mac, and boy-ee! It is FUN! Built on a sweet 3D engine similar to the one used for Lucas Art’s “Dark Forces,” Red Neck Rampage teeters the line between a straight up 3D shooter and an episode of HeeHaw.

Weapons include a crowbar, pistol, shotgun, dynamite, and the likes. Your enemy is consists of a horde of fat, buck-toothed hillbillies, old hicks, and giant mosquitos! You blast your way through chicken coops, corner stores, and tool sheds!

This game is absolutely over-the-top hysterical; these guys don’t let any stereotype stop ’em. Remember those power packs you’d pick up in DOOM to regain health? Well forget that sissy stuff. In Red Neck Rampage, you restore your power eating Pork Rinds and Cow Pies!

And if that isn’t fun enough, you can also help boost your health by guzzling beer or moonshine! But one warning: you drink too much,and you end up blasted! Suddenly your vision gets blurry, and it’s almost impossible to walk anywhere as you stagger to and fro. And forget about sobering up anytime soon—you basically end up out of commision shooting blindly and falling all over the place once you have too much sauce. It’s an absolute riot, especially for those who have, um, been there before…

The greatest feature is that Red Neck Rampage also includes your character’s voice. As you play, your character is spouting off all kinds of white-trash obscenities. It’s a blast. And all you parents, worry not: there is a Parental Control feature to block out the more adult jargon.

The game play is fast and smooth, the levels big and interesting. All in all, this is a great game for all 3D shooter fans, especially those who loved Duke Nuke ‘Em and Shadow Warrior. Have a blast—have a Pabst, and buy Red Neck Rampage!

•Mike Gorman•

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