Macworld Updates!

We held off this issue for a week so that we could see if there was any major Mac announcements we would want to talk about. While nothing Earth Shattering happened, some things of note did. My favorites:

Connectix Virtual Game Station

Now G3 Mac users can play Sony Play Station games on your Mac! What a VERY cool product. Does the WinTel platform have this? I don’t think so, or at least I have never heard of it. This is huge for Mac users. While I have yet to test it out (You just know I will!) if it works as well as I hope, this alone could boost Mac sales to new levels. Lets hope Apple pays Connectix some sort of licencing fee to have all new iMacs and Mac’s ship with it per-installed.

Flavored iMacs!
The iMac now comes in blueberry, strawberry, tangerine, grape and lime colors! Very cool!


Expo Picture 1PowerMac Styling!
Did you also catch the new look for the PowerMac? Kind of a hybrid of the iMac and R2D2 of StarWars. TO be honest, I like this look even more than I do the iMac’s. It is just too cool! The new specifications include: up to a 400MHz, up to a full gigabyte of memory in four PC100 SDRAM slots, four PCI slots: three 33MHz, 64-bit slots and one high-speed 66MHz, 32-bit slot for graphics, very easy side panel access (Which you can also lock!), USB, and more, I see this as a huge product. Makes anything else for the desktop look like a slug!


Expo Picture 2New styles monitors
‘Nuff said!


Expo Picture 3Mac OS X Server
There is just way to much to write about Mac OS X Server, I will limit my time here by saying it suppose to ship this February.


Expo Picture 4New Games Announced for the Mac! (list from Apple’s web site)
Some of the many entertainment software vendors announcing or shipping new titles at Macworld include: Activision (Battlezone, Heretic 2, SIN, Zork Grand Inquisitor), Blizzard Entertainment (Starcraft), Bungie Software (Myth 2), Electronic Arts/Maxis (Sim City 3000), Gathering of Developers (Railroad Tycoon II, Fly!), GT Interactive/MacSoft (Dark Vengeance), Id Software (Quake 3: Arena, Quake II), LogicWare (Interstate 76, Jazz Jackrabbit 2), Microprose/MacSoft (Falcon 4, Klingon Honor Guard), Microsoft/MacSoft (Age of Empires), Mindscape (Creatures 2, Imperialism II), Red Storm Entertainment/MacSoft (Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six), and Sierra Software (Quest for Glory 5) (Anyone else notice how many of these titles are simply part 2,3,4 or an older version? I think we need some more new and original games…)

I only wish My Mac was at the Expo this year. Perhaps next year. Or perhaps it is time for the Macworld Expo to become the My Mac Expo! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Tim Robertson

Russ Walkowich

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