Review – VST G3 Zip 100 Drive

VST G3 Zip 100 Drive
Company: VST Technologies, Inc.
Estimated Price: $249.95

Let’s face it. Floppies are out. In today’s world of high-capacity removable storage, one form of media has virtually become the standard on both the Mac and PC platforms–Iomega’s Zip. The handy 100MB cartridges can go almost anywhere. External and internal Zip drives in desktop and mini-tower computers are now commonplace. Now, thanks to VST Technologies, Zip drives are also becoming a standard addition to laptop computers.

It’s in the Bay
Your days of using SCSI adapters for external Zip drives are over. VST’s Zip 100 Drive fits in either the left or the right expansion bay of the PowerBook G3. It is fully hot swappable, which means you can insert it or remove it without having to sleep, shut down, or restart. It will run with either the battery or power adapter plugged in, and to me, it is essential. I am constantly on the run, and it’s the only expansion bay module I keep plugged in full time.

VST’s Zip 100 Drive behaves just like a floppy or similar external Zip drive. You insert the disk, it appears on the desktop, and you eject it when you are done. Simple as that! The speed of the VST Zip drive is also noticeably faster than an external Zip, and while it is no speed demon, the speed up is really helpful when you are in a rush to get out the door!

You’re being too Noisy!
The VST Zip Drive isn’t the quietest expansion bay module I have ever heard, but, then again, what Zip drive is?! The VST Zip Drive goes to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity so you don’t have to work with the constant high-pitched hissing sound of a Zip drive every time you leave a Zip disk in the drive.

Fits like a…
The VST Zip Drive is dark grey/black plastic, just like the other expansion bay modules that come with the PowerBook G3. Though its color is the same as the PowerBook, it doesn’t exactly blend in perfectly, mainly because there is an extra “lip” of plastic surrounding the opening for the Zip disk. When I insert a Zip disk, it comes close to the edge of this “lip,” so I assume it is there to make the Zip disk fit properly.

The Summary
VST Technologies has done a great job with the VST G3 Zip 100 Drive. It’s hot swappable, it comes with a free Zip disk, and it works perfectly with your PowerBook G3. My minor complaints about the extra “lip” of plastic and the noise do not hamper the functionality and usefulness of this excellent addition to the PowerBook G3. If you work with Zip disks often, pay the money and get one. It’s worth every penny.

Highly Recommended for all owners of the PowerBook G3.

MacMice Rating: 4

Adam Karneboge

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